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When I first started An Eat'n Man way back in 2010 I whipped up a little banner for it, figuring I'd make something fancier later.  I might even make it a rotating banner, with new ones coming on line every month or two.   Well, four years later, in 2014, I still had that same little banner I'd first made from some retro art from some of my vintage cookbooks.  I decided I needed to change that.

I started digging through my massive collection of vintage cookbooks, antique magazines and other sundry art and made up a new one.  I sort of enjoy tinkering with Photoshop, so this turned out to be a lot of fun, and I started doing a new banner every month or so.  As they formed, a theme sort of began to develop.  Almost all were retro, mainly because I find this art charming, but also most of it has probably fallen into public domain.  Many featured grilling, which is one of my favorite forms of cooking, and certainly a manly thing for a place called An Eat'n Man.  But not to worry, the banners feature the ladies prominently as well.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway, as fun as it was to make a new banner each month, it was sad to take the old one down.  I'd put at least a modicum of work into each, and I liked them a lot, so what to do?  The answer, why, your soaking in it!  It's right here.  The Eat'n Man Banner Hall of Fame, we'll call it, only all the banners get in, the good, the bad and the fugly.  Just kidding.  They're all good.  (No modesty here!)

So, without further ado, here they are, in order of appearance and in all their glory, the former banners of An Eat'n Man.

1) This is the first banner I made for An Eat'n Man, way back in 2010.  It ended up being the only banner the site had for over four years.  Oh well, it served us well, and set a precedent for retro art and grilling themes.

2)  Finally, a new banner for An Eat'n Man, after only four years.  This new one was prompted by me acquiring a new retro grilling cookbook from eBay that had the most delightful characters on its cover.  I knew that they had to be on An Eat'n Man banner.

3)  Once I'd made one new one, the floodgates opened.  Banner number three uses art from an old Pepsi ad campaign called "The Sociables."  This one started the sometimes recurring trend of picturing a man about to eat something.  get it.  An Eat'n Man.  Har har har!

4)  Another Sociables.  This for the holidays of 2014.

5) Back to Grilling for the new year, 2015.  Hey, we grill year round here in Texas, and go barefoot and eat out on picnic tables.

6)  A slight departure for this banner, which features no retro art but instead a photo by yours truly.  Meant to commemorate a new dedication to better food photography here on the blog which started in 2015.

7)  Back to the retro for this early spring 2015 banner.  And another eating man, natch.

8) I love the wry look in these two's faces, as if to say, yeah, this soup ain't all we're cooking up tonight!

9) Back to grilling for Summer 2015, although this time the tables are turned and the lady is working the grill while the Eat'n Man slaves away over a hot stove.  And yes, this banner does indeed feature 'side-boob.'  We like to push the envelope here at An Eat'n Man.

10)  Summer continues with a happy couple on a picnic, complete with man about to eat something.

11) A slightly different version of above, in case you were wondering if the girl was wearing shoes.

12)  An attempted 'hand-colored' look (with Photoshop) of #9, above.

13) Yes, there is a National Chicken Wing Day.  (July 29)  An you better bet we're gonna celebrate our nation's chicken wings here at An Eat'n Man.

14)  Over the past few years August have been Soup Month here at An Ea'n Man.  Why August? Who knows?  Perhaps there are some things man was not meant to know.  But hey, at least this year ol' Soup Month got a banner to call its own.

15) End of summer means lobsters and hard liquor here at An Eat'n Man.  Surely it's the same everywhere else?

16) October is here...the leaves are falling, and autumn's in the air.  Makes me want to don some flannel and cook something warm and filling...

17) The Holidays are here--it's Turkey time, 2015 style.

18) When New Years comes around, The Eat'n Man becomes The Drink'n Man.  On second thought, he's that pretty much year round.

19) Nothin' beats burgers and a cold brew with your friends in the garden...

20)  I just love this smiling, grilling guy with beer from an old Schlitz ad.  So he reappears with a couple new friends from some Pepsi Sociable ads.  :Love the guy in the foreground with his plate of food and obligatory cigarette.

21) The Autumnal Equinox just passed...the days are getting cooler,,,the leaves are starting to change--Yes, Fall is in the air!  Time to throw open the doors and windows and cook outside.  In honor of this, I present a little fireside fall fantasy of cooking.  Mmmm, I wonder what's simmering in that iron cauldron?  Brunswick Stew?  Lobster bisque?  A creamy chowder?

22) The classy Sociables folks are back, Turkey in hand, for the holidays of 2016.

23) The Drinkin' Man is back for New Year's 2017, complete with a Gil Elvgren Grillin' Girl.

24) A little festive retro party scene to start off January, 2017.

25) It's still winter round these parts, but grillin' on the beach is still a possibility.

26)  Who can resist filling their basket with delicious canned goods!  I know I can't.

27) Bacon Month has finally come to An Eat'n Man.  Hallelujah!

28) The Eat'n Man's always up for a late night snack.

29) Summer's here.  Time for some grillin' and chillin' on the beach!

30) Autumn's Here, time to don a flannel shirt and carve some pumpkins...and pumpkin pies.

31)  Dig that keen bird, baby.  Happy Holidays 2017.

32)  The Drinkin' Man's back for New Year's 2018, featuring artwork from an old Schlitz ad.

33) Nothin' beats grillin' and a tray full of Schlitz, or so the artwork from this old Schlitz ad would have you believe. 

More to come...

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