Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pizza on the Grill

Yes, you read that right--Pizza...on the grill.  Sure, it sounds like a weird way to make pizza, but it is actually simply, quick and makes some tasty pizza pies that have a bit of a baked-in-a-wood-oven character.  This is great for entertaining as well, as the pizzas cook in minutes so you can make several quite fast.

We got the idea for this from Steve Raichlen's wonderful book, How to Grill, and we stick pretty close to his technique.  This will be more a post about technique than recipe, so if you don't have your own sauce or dough recipe, you can find good ones here on one of my previous pizza posts.

Make enough dough for however many pizza's you are going to make.  Here I'm doing three.

Roll the dough out thin thin thin.  When I roll mine out, I usually stack them on a plate with wax paper between then.  The key to making these pizzas is to have everything ready and at your fingertips when the grill is hot.

That goes for your toppings as well.  Here we've got what we want for a simple pepperoni pie.

Some others we like to do include a white pizza (chicken with a white Alfredo sauce) and a green one (pesto with sun dried tomatoes).

Get your grill to a medium heat.

Prior to placing the grill rack over the coals, oil it up well so that the pizza dough won't stick.

Okay, get ready to work fast.  Place the first dough round on the grill.

Close the lid and let cook for 90 seconds to two minutes.  It may bubble up a bit.

No worries.  Just flip it.

Note the nice grill marks on the side we just grilled.

Now, working quickly, apply your sauce...

...then your cheese...

and finally your other toppings.

Close lid and let everything go for a couple of minutes.  This will melt the cheese without burning the bottom of the pie.

Here's our final product.

Yes, I cheated a little on this one and placed it under a hot broiler for a minute to give a little browning to the cheese.

Repeat with the other dough rounds and your favorite toppings.



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